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How To Get Kids Involved in the Community

World Children's Day
When kids become willing participants in community activities this creates an energetic and high functioning community. Children are inspiring and we are also capable of inspiring them. Getting your kids involved in community activities is good for them and their future.

Work Towards Goals

Kids learn how to set goals by participating in the community. This, in turn will set them up for their future. If they enjoy what they are doing, which is important they are even more inspired to work hard to reach those goals. Getting started might be the hardest part, but once your child is involved in something they enjoy immensely, they will not look back.

Most of us want a career doing the things we love. Getting your child involved in a program related to what they want to do in life will help them make a final decision on what kind of career they want.

Perhaps your child loves the idea of being an actor. If you get your kids involved in an acting or drama group, this will help them realize their dream – or figure out they will need a back-up plan. They will probably be advised by the director of the class to go to college and get a degree in something they can fall back on if acting does not work out.

Find Out What’s Happening

Keep abreast of local happenings. Read the local newspapers and check out notice boards while you are doing your errands. Community organizations often deliver flyers to your mailbox, so keep an eye out for these. Chat to your kids’ friend’s parent’s and see if they are aware of anything your kids can get involved in.

Go online to see what is happening in your area. The Internet is a wonderful source to get kids involved in community events that they would enjoy. Do they love reading? Get your child involved in a community book club.

What Are Their Interests?

Community work will help your kids to discover what they love to do. Some kids don’t even know what they like doing. Once your kids know what they like doing, your kids can get involved in a community service that enables them to do the things they love. They will discover what they are truly passionate about and what they want to learn more about.

Perhaps your child loves traveling and finding out about different cultures. They could volunteer with an organization like Oxfam, that works with countries all over the world.

Become Involved in an Activity Yourself

If you become involved, or create your own community service that you have always wanted to do. Your kids might want to join you, especially if you are doing activities your kids love. You might get your kid involved in a charity program for the homeless where you both work together to raise funds for programs or arranging fund raisers to build shelters for the homeless, or in a project where you collect and distribute toys or food for less well off families.

Encourage Them To Volunteer

Young people communityYou can also get your kids involved in volunteering for an organization they are passionate about. So many organizations need volunteers. This website lists some of them.

Does your child love animals? If so, then encourage them to spend a few week-day afternoons or Saturdays volunteering at an animal shelter. Or perhaps they could offer to walk an elderly neighbor’s dog if your neighbor is not so mobile anymore.

Volunteering at church programs is always a great way to meet people and there are always programs to get involved in. Churches run many different charities or activities, such as youth programs or woman’s groups or even summer camps for kids. The camp counselors will get kids involved in many activities, and who knows what positive things it will bring to your kid’s life.

When you decide to get kids involved in community programs, try to locate a program they are interested in. If you set an example by getting yourself involved with your kids in the community, it is more likely that they will be inspired by your actions. They will probably follow in your footsteps quite happily. This is a good thing for their future and it will instill many values; including giving back to others less fortunate and random acts of kindness. And the best part is; they will find out how good it feels to help and give to others.

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